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Pitcher of cold brew tea & coffee

Pitcher of cold brew tea & coffee

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Here is an essential accessory for the summer!

Perfect for warm evenings or afternoons spent at the beach, this pitcher is ideal for infusing your favorite cold beverages.

High quality.

BPA-free plastic.

Dishwasher cleaning.


Can also be used to infuse waters with fresh fruit or herbs. The slow extraction process helps to extract as many nutrients, antioxidants and flavor as possible while producing a less bitter, smoother and full-bodied brew.

Iced Tea Instructions:

1- Add 6-10 teaspoons (to your taste) of your favorite tea in the filter (you can also use the TEASE tea pyramids offered on our online store). Screw the cap.

2- Fill the pitcher with cold water. Feel free to add seasonal fruits to infuse with your tea.

3- Place in the refrigerator. See the infusion table. Black tea 8 to 12 hours Green and white teas 6 to 8 hours Puerh tea 10 to 12 hours Herbal teas 12 to 14 hours

Instructions for coffee:

For a coffee infusion, add 4 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee beans and cover with warm or cold water and let steep in the refrigerator for 4-12 hours.

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