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SUNBRELLA mineral sunscreen face powder

SUNBRELLA mineral sunscreen face powder

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Naturally tinted, Sunbrella® mineral sun powder camouflages imperfections and offers a tanned, luminous and radiant complexion while mattifying oily areas. It protects you naturally from the damage of the sun's rays thanks to its SPF 30. Available in 3 shades, pure and non-comedogenic, this mineral and natural sun powder:

- Hydrates and protects the skin

-Brightens and unifies the complexion

- Broad Spectrum SPF 30

-Resists water and sweat

Skin types:

all skin types, normal, oily, dry, very dry, devitalised, mature, wrinkled

Skin issues:

age spots, signs of aging, wrinkles, redness

Texture :

loose fine powder

To dispense the powder, release the brush from the tip, then tap the brush downwards, until the powder begins to release. Apply Sunbrella® in a thick layer on the face, neck, ears and all other areas exposed to the sun. Repeat the application in case of friction on the product application area.

Here are some biocompatible active ingredients contained in this 100% natural sunscreen powder:

Sea buckthorn and Buriti oil:

agent rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, phytosterols, vitamins A, C and E, Omegas 3-6-7-9, minerals and polyphenols. Natural SPF agent with emollient, softening, regenerating and nourishing properties for dry skin.

Zinc oxide :

physical screen.

Mineral-light mixture:

complexion beautifier filling in wrinkles and concealing imperfections.

This natural sunscreen does not contain any chemical preservatives, silicones or talc and does not run.

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