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3 TAMPONS - Panties for menstruation

3 TAMPONS - Panties for menstruation

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Bikini-style period underwear in organic cotton.

This ultra-comfortable and resistant underwear absorbs the equivalent of 3 regular tampons (18 ml). Depending on the intensity of your flow (light, medium, heavy), Viita can replace panty liners, pads, tampons and cups or be worn in combination for extra protection.

All color choices have a black liner for superior stain protection.

*This item has a slim fit, you can take the next size up for a comfort fit*

FABRIC Body: 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex Gusset: Technology™

Viita Viita underwear is designed to give you protection and comfort wash after wash! So you can easily wash them in the machine and put them in the dryer. For best results, we also recommend the use of small mesh laundry bags or hand washing. Note that it is important not to add fabric softener or bleach to maintain the quality of the product.

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