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Leak-proof seamless high waist

Leak-proof seamless high waist

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Our high-waisted underwear adapts perfectly to your figure and leaves no trace on your skin. They support you throughout your working day while keeping you dry. Let our patented technology protect you against everyday leaks: menstruation, urine or sweat.

Recommended for daily use and/or on light flow days during your period, absorbs 9ml.

Your Viita underwear can be washed up to 100 times, saving you money while sparing mother nature!

These panties feature a black gusset for superior stain protection.


Body: 84% nylon, 18% spandex

Gusset: Viita™ Technology

Maintenance tips:

Viita underwear is designed to give you protection and comfort wash after wash! So you can easily wash them in the machine and put them in the dryer.

For best results, we also recommend the use of small mesh laundry bags or hand washing. Note that it is important not to add fabric softener or bleach to maintain the quality of the product.

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