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RICE FLOWER hand & body liquid soap

RICE FLOWER hand & body liquid soap

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This Fleur de Riz soap is sweet, fresh and gentle with a touch of ozone. Light and delicate with a subtle base of vanilla and coconut. What is rice flower? These are small fragrant flowers that grow on the Aglaia Odorata, or the Chinese Perfume Tree.

Pure liquid soaps for hands + body. Moisturizing formula based on olive oil and coconut oil, with a rich and abundant lather that will leave your skin feeling soft.

For use at the hand sink, or in the bath or shower to gently cleanse the skin of the whole body.

473 ml/16 fl oz clear glass bottle.


Aqua, olea europaea oil (olive oil), sodium laurate (derived from coconut oil), glycerin (vegetable glycerin), cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil), fragrance.

473ML / 16OZ

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