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Woven Soap Bag (Agave Fiber)

Woven Soap Bag (Agave Fiber)

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Woven Agave fiber provides everything needed for a successful exfoliation Agave is a plant native to the South of the Americas and is grown for a variety of uses including rope making, mats, rugs , and even tequila and mezcal our medium-soft fiber woven bag is suitable for daily body exfoliation.

Soap extender:

Our Agave Fiber Exfoliating Bag also helps extend the life of soaps by allowing you to use up tiny leftover soap (just put all your leftovers in the bag), and helping the soap dry completely between two uses.

USE IT FOR NATURAL SOAP: Handmade natural soaps contain a high amount of glycerin (unlike conventional big brand soaps), making them moisturizing glycerin can draw water from its surroundings, so it is essential to keep your soap completely dry between uses.

Manual :

Place a bar of soap or leftover soap in the bag, wet the bag, and scrub the body with the bag in the shower. When finished exfoliating, rinse bag lightly and hang to dry completely between uses.

Remarks :

As it is a natural material, agave should be kept dry between uses to prolong its life. Replace the bag every 2-4 months or sanitize it frequently by emptying it, washing it in the washing machine or top rack of the dishwasher, or immersing it in vinegar or boiling water.

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