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Rings with cubic wire

Rings with cubic wire

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Luxurious strong square wire rings designed for everyday wear. Closed rings: Designed to be kept in place for as long as you want.

To put them on, gently spread the two ends apart using your fingers. Insert the tip into your ear hole, then gently twist the two ends towards each other until they are aligned. Do not open the ring too much, as you may find it difficult to tighten it.

Ring size: 10 or 12 mm

14k gold filled

Gold filled is a material consisting of a solid shell of genuine 14k gold permanently affixed under pressure to a metal alloy base. With this technology, you won't have to worry about jewelry tarnishing, gold chipping, or allergic reactions.

Exposure to certain harsh chemicals or media can compromise the integrity of your jewelry. This includes (but is not limited to): perspiration, acidic skin, perfumes, cleaning agents, chlorine and salt water. A polishing cloth is a good tool to shine up your sterling silver jewelry that has tarnished. Cleaning. Pour a small amount of mild soap into warm water and use your fingers to clean your jewelry (do not soak for more than a minute), rinse and dry thoroughly. If you must scrub, use a very soft toothbrush and scrub GENTLY. Never use cloths or any other paper-based materials to clean the parts, the gold-filled layer may come off. Pease et Maison Essiambre disclaims all incidents, breakages or losses related to the cleaning of the jewel carried out by an individual.

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