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HOLIDAY Essential Oil Set

HOLIDAY Essential Oil Set

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The four festive.

A set of 4 essential oil blends perfect for the holiday season. With SLOW DANCE, NIGHTCAP, DUSK and GOLDEN, these are the scents of cheerfulness and conviviality.


A shared moment. The slow dance is grounded and woody. With a top note of fir and base notes of cedar and pine, it smells like watching snowfall from your forest cabin. You are finally all together, and everything is as it should be.


A cocktail. The final drink is bold and lemony. With top notes of black pepper and blood orange and a base note of ginger, it smells like your favorite bar in your favorite city. It's the magic of nights that feel like they'll never end.

DUSK 5ml

A desert night. Dusk is grassy and warm. With top notes of ho wood and incense and base notes of eucalyptus and lavender, it smells of dry spices and desert sunsets. Under the stars of Palm Springs: mentally you are there.


A sunny spot. Golden is bright and comfortable. With top notes of grapefruit and lavender and base notes of peppermint and ginger, it smells like that moment when the light hits the spot. It's optimism, bottled.

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