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The burning sun that was felt on our shoulders fades, giving way to a golden and enveloping light. The moment when we gather around a table game while the smell of BBQ slowly dissipates revealing a sweet smell of geranium and a delicate scent of citronella emanating from scattered candles, here and there. This kind of evenings where old anecdotes come to mind, just like the sweet memories we share with our friends, on this warm summer evening, under a starry sky.

top notes: fruity, dill, sparkling citrus

heart notes: geranium

base notes: pink

Why we love it:

-It has been tested and approved as a mosquito repellent candle.

- Its 2 wicks help to burn more evenly over the entire surface and to diffuse the fragrance more effectively.

-The fragrance is composed of pure essential oil (geranium) mixed with high quality perfumes.

-In addition to being recyclable and reusable, the nomadic collection's tin-plated steel (tinplate) pots are perfect for outdoor living — take them with you and enjoy their unique fragrances no matter what adventures take you. 'wait.

SOYA&CO. perfectly combines well-being with the pleasure of a non-polluting candle

Duration: 14oz — 85h

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