LE NUTRALUXE LASH MD: Pourquoi sommes-nous autant fans?

THE NUTRALUXE LASH MD: Why are we so big fans?

You've probably tried at least once in your life to use a product to grow your eyelashes and eyebrows.
How do I know?
Because me too! I have personally tried them ALL.
Working in the field of eyelash extensions for 14 years, I have always wanted to offer the best serum to my customers in order to preserve or restore the health of their eyelashes. I met a lot of girls who arrived at my house with damaged eyelashes, after having had a bad experience and who were looking for a quick solution to fix it all.
And I've always wanted to improve the length of my eyelashes myself. In addition, to redo my poor line of eyebrows too plucked during my youth (thank you 2000s).
I am therefore the biggest consumer of these little tubes that promise us miracles. Every time I see a new one appear on the market, I add it to my cart, wanting to know if I will have better results than the last time.
But for a few years, I have set my sights on a product and despite my research and tests to dethrone it... nothing works.
The NUTRALUXE LASH MD is undeniably my favourite, my eyelashes have never looked so beautiful, I have found a more modern eyebrow shape and my clients are delighted with their results.
I am happy to offer you this little gem on my website.
How does it work?
The product comes in a small tube with a brush. It must be applied to the lower part of the eyelashes or eyebrows in order to make the serum penetrate under the skin and reach the bulb of the hair. The bulb is then nourished with super ingredients and will develop to its fullest. The hair that will emerge later will then be wider, stronger and longer. He will also stay alive longer. Which will give you dense and healthy eyelashes and eyebrows. Know that there is no problem if you want to use it when you wear eyelash extensions, your extensions will hold even better since the base that holds them (your eyelashes) will be stronger.
My advice for use is to apply it for 3 weeks, 2x a day (morning and evening) on ​​well-cleansed skin. You should dip your brush once for the 2 eyes and once more for the eyebrows, there will be enough product on the brush. The important thing is to put it often and not a large quantity. You can also use a dermal roller on your eyebrows, 1 to 2x week, to better penetrate the product.
When your 3 weeks are complete, you can switch to once a day, until you realize that you have reached your maximum result.
You can then continue to use it 2 to 3x per week, to maintain the result and help their hydration. Well, that's it!
Let us know if you love NUTRALUXE LASH MD as much as we and our many customers who have adopted it after trying it. We love reading your comments!
Good try! XO
Alexandra Essiambre
Eyelash extension technician for 14 years
& Founder of the MAISONESSIAMBRE.CA website
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